General Contracting

When you require general work completed with exceptional quality, we’re here.

Carval Homes offers general contracting services to bring our stamp of exceptional workmanship to all areas of your house. Our service is easily customizable so that your needs can be met. After all, we always put the clients’ interests first.

Among our services are kitchen and bathroom renovations. As the heart of the home, a kitchen is an integral part of the family time and fond memories that are created in a house. Our kitchen renovation will modernize your property while keeping a sense of familiarity, ensuring the kitchen is desirable and unique.

Similarly, the personal nature and everyday use of the bathroom means its finishing and installation must be exact. That’s what we offer.

We also provide basement renovations to increase the house size and introduce new facilities into the property. We’re specialists in pool installation, guaranteeing long-lasting but beautiful pools that last the hot summers and cold winters with ease.

Additionally, should you require brick laying, stucco, masonry work or exterior cladding on and around your property then Carval Homes is here for you. What goes up must come down. We carry out demolition work safely and efficiently so that land can be cleared and used again once more.

For these general contracting services and many others, Carval Homes is the best choice.